2019 – A year gone by

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Now that twenty-twenties i.e. 2020 has just commenced, I just thought to reflect upon the bygone year 2019 as a casual and occasional blogger. This in my opinion will definitely help me to introspect, analyse and thereby identify hits and misses, which eventually will lead me to improve upon my shortcomings / limitations - yes I am trying to be self critical here as that’s one of the way to improve oneself.

Key highlights of 2019

I was able to meet my 2019 resolution of blogging at least 1 article per quarter :) And so with gods grace, I was able to publish 4 articles - 1. Learning from Agile India 2019 conference 2. Basics of Chaos Engineering 3. Chaos Engineering with working example 4. Understanding nuances of JVM GC and tuning it with real world case study

I know I could have been slightly better, but thats my performance as blogger for the year 2019. As things in our personal and professional life has become data driven :) below are some of the key statistics -

Blog Metrics

CriteriaYear - 2018Year - 2019
No. of views3,82310,708
No. of visitors2,6097,861
No. of articles published24

Relatively speaking, above numbers definitely are staggering and something to brag upon. Almost 280% and 300% increase in number of views and visitors respectively with just 2 additional QUALITATIVE blogs.

One of the major achievement of 2019 is my 2 part series on Chaos Engineering, which got mentioned in Chaos Engineering weekly newsletter along with Chaos Engineering stalwarts from Amazon and Google

Another interesting perspective towards learning and sharing that is worth mentioning - The second most viewed article in 2019 is Understanding basics of JVM Memory Manangement'- which is quiet astonishing. Reason being it was published in October 2017 and when I first thought to pen down an article on basics of JVM memory management, I felt that it might be too basic and trivial. But since one of my philosophy of blogging was to log my personal learning and by that build a very profound understanding of fundamentals, I convinced myself to write and publish this article. This clearly shows that whatever you learn, don’t underestimate and consider it to be trivial. Just try to understand and grasp the fundamentals of the scope of your work and share it with broader software fraternity without any apprehensions about its significance.

BTW - The most read article on my blog for 2019 is Monitoring Spring Boot application using Actuator, Micrometer, Prometheus and Grafana

Before I end

Thanks to all the readers of my articles. I would equally be eager to hear from you. Hence request all to share your feedback, comments or your experience in comment section or by directly connecting me via linkedin / twitter - because I strongly believe that the best way to learn in the world of software engineering is through interaction and collaboration.

2020 - The year ahead

Unequivocally I will be striving hard to share things that I learn professionally and personally. Hoping to be bit more consistent with sharing my learning and also try to be effective, precise and lucid in my communication :)


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