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Dear Readers, Welcome to the "Ramblings of Pragmatic Software Craftsman" blog.


My name is Dhaval P Shah. I am the founder and editor of this blog. I work as a Lead - Software Development Engineer at Mastercard.

About Me

I am a pragmatic Software Craftsman, passionate about architecting, designing, implementing, operationalizing and monitoring Distributed Systems with 15+ years of experience predominately in crafting low latency, high throughput and scalable enterprise applications.

I am a perpetual learner, who is inquisitive about all the latest trends shaping the software industry. I am predominantly a backend developer with extensive experience in Java / J2EE stack using Spring framework. Of late I am trying to tinker with Big Data stack.


  1. Spring Boot, Spring Webflux, Spring Reactor
  2. J2EE technologies (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Integration, Hibernate )
  3. Refactoring legacy applications
  4. Performance Engg. aficionado with sharp focus on optimization of enterprise applications (JVM / GC Tuning, App. Memory utilization, App. profiling and benchmarking, DB tuning etc.)
  5. Enterprise Monitoring (Splunk, Dynatrace, Prometheus, Grafana)
  6. Chaos Engineering (Chaos Monkey for Spring Boot)

Professionl Linkedin profile - Dhaval Shah

My curriculum vitae - CV

Spare Time

I am an avid reader and hence in my spare time I generally read non fictional and technology books. My book shelf can be availed at goodreads

Connect with me

You can connect with me directly on twitter, linkedin or github

About this blog

"Ramblings of Pragmatic Software Craftsman" is a blog where I tend to log my key learnings that I have gathered as part of my day job or as part of my evening / night time where I simply love to play with some new or upcoming technology / tools. This in a way compels me to delve deeper to build a strong conceptual foundation for the article I intend to write about. It gives me immense self gratifying feeling when my readers find my articles insightful - however thats just a byproduct for the endeavor that I put to blog.

What powers this blog?

This blog is powered by Hugo, a static site generated built using Golang. It uses a Hugo Clarity theme. I’ve hosted this blog on Netlify, a cloud hosting platform for static websites.

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